Hyper-v Platform on Windows 8

Windows 8 include a really nice feature. This will for sure help in the development of Hyper-v server 2012 ! This feature is simply an Hyper-V platform for Windows 8.

To do so, i installed a Windows 8 Consumer preview Build 8250 on VmWare Workstation 2012 Tech preview.

Then i changed the OS version

And the Processor to accept virtualization

Then go to “Control Panel / Programs / Turns Windows Features on or off and turn on Hyper-v Platform and tools . Reboot.

If it’s grey and tell you that your processor does not have second level Address Translation just reboot the VM

Then you can open the Hyper-V management console and enjoy

Next we’ll see what we can do with it (replica, Vswitch, storage etc)


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